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one. >> keith richards, who also turns 69 next week, is admittedly less mobile onstage, but as he proved during last night's concert for hurricane sandy relief, that guitar gives him no less power to anyone with an eardrum. what is it like to be keith richards and hit an opening riff and see it just rip like electricity through a room like that? >> it is indescribable. i wish you could all be there. but it's something i can't share with anybody. maybe charlie watts and the guys in the band. there's just a magic to it. i'm in love of it, really. after all, when it comes down to it, what do duo, what are we good at, we touch people's hearts. >> and to think the stones nearly split for good several times over recent decades. as keith revealed in his recent autobiography "life," his resentiment for jagger began building in the '80s when the singer's ego seemed to grow too big for the band. i used to love to hang with mick, he wrote, but i haven't gone to his dressing room in 20 years. sometimes i miss my friend. where the hell did he go? that line makes the film "charlie is my darling
stones. [ rock music plays ] but you've still got to be able to play like keith richards. >> brittany: yes. so, how do you know when picking out a guitar, just for someone who doesn't really play guitar that much, which guitar is right for you? >> you know what? that's a great question. who's your favorite band? who do you want to sound like, to start with? who makes you excited when you hear them? for me, the band the sex pistols changed my life, and even before i knew what a gibson or a les paul was, i saw steve jones playing a guitar that looked like that, and so i'd look at all the other pictures of guitarists, and they weren't playing guitars that looked like this, they looked like that or that. >> i want one of these. if you're a green day fan, you're gonna want a junior. i think it's a junior that billie joe plays. if you're a u2 fan, you're either gonna want a les paul, or you're gonna want one of these, which is a 335. start off with that -- what does your favorite guitar player play? 'cause you ain't gonna go wrong. >> brittany: and for kids who want to start playing and get
decided to do this was when keith richards fell out of the tree in hawaii and hurt himself. >> yes. >> and i remember -- it was a serious injury. and i remember thinking, it struck me, my god, keith richards is mortal. >> yeah. by the way this is keith richards' birthday. hello, keith. >> wow really? happy birthday. >> happy birthday, keith. >> it struck me that he was mortal and mick jagger was mortal, and they all were. and that -- >> they just don't know it. >> they don't behave like they are. that's what's great about. it they were still working. i thought, you know i wanted to memorialize it. >> you reunite again with james gandolfini. you have history together, you worked well together on the "sopranos." why did you decide how would be best for this emotionally closed father? >> i hadn't thought about him in the beginning. i wrote an entire script and was having trouble with. it i was about to quit. >> really? >> and go do something else. and for some reason i got this - idea to pick -- the scenes were written with the father. i got this idea to picture him as
points. ty. >> all right, sue. let's bring in keith richards of the rolling stones now. michael, who is the keith richards of destination wealth management as well as cnbc contributor. you want to talk a little bit about apple. >> yeah, sure. after that intro, of course i do. apple is a stock that's been hit as of late. it's down significantly in bear market territory. i think people should not give up hope on apple. i think this quarter and next quarter are going to be blowout quarters. iphone just approved, ipad just approved in china. i was just in shanghai, hong kong, lines are
. keith richards still enjoys a drink or three, but ronnie wood has been sober for years now and admits this tour is a real test of willpower. >> we hit them with clarity and focus now. before, it was eyes down and meet you at the end, you know? and like, "oh, no. how am i going to get out of this?" a little bit of that still goes on. >> reporter: so, despite the struggles for sobriety and band harmony, they've discovered their real secret is simply doing what they love. retirement would be a death sentence. and there's no better fountain of youth than an arena full of adoration. >> people say, "well, why are you still together?" and i say, "well, it -- because people like us." of course, we love playing. but you have to have both of the part of the equation. >> reporter: so, for those inclined to order saturday's pay per view finale with bruce sprin springsteen and lady gaga, thinking this could be the last time, keep in mind the tour is called "50 and counting." bill weir, abc news, new york. >> and you can see more of bill weir, talking to mick jagger tonight on "nightline." and than
that his captain jack sparrow, was inspired by keith richards. you can see him, with a hat on. now, he has a highly unusual musical partner. we'll tell you who that is, when ginger fills in on the "pop news" desk. >>> and if you love the show, "family guy," you're going to love this. se seth macfarlane has big plans for the family. >>> we're going to start with a strange trial. the woman accused of befriending and murdering a lottery winner, had to have a doctor with her in court on friday. what's going on here? abc's mark greenblatt is on the story. good morning, sir. >> reporter: good morning. this is the trial that gets stranger every day. first, the murder suspect was almost thrown out of court. then, sex with the detective who was hot on her trail. >> she told me she could get a free room at the hard rock casino. and she performed sexual acts on me. >> reporter: the detective dropped the biggest bombshell, that moore offered him sex. >> i told her, if she kept lying, i was going to get angry. she said i wasn't going to get angry. that i was going to have sex with her. police charged m
all the years and miles women and drugs. keith richards stillen jis drink or 3 but ron wood has been sober for years now and admits this tour is a real test of will power. >> if we white clarity and focus now. before it was eyes down and meet you at the end. oh, know-how are we going to get out of this. a little bit of that still goes on. >>reporter: so despite the struggle for so bright and band harmony they have discovered the real secret is simply doing what they love. retirement would be a death sentence. and there's know better fountain of youth than arena full of administer asian. >> why are you still together. i said because people like us. of course we love playing music together but you have to have both as part of the equation sorry, for those inclined to order saturday pay per view finale with bruce and lady gaga thinking this could be the last time keep in mind the tourist called 50 and counting. bill weir abc news new york. >> well lights hope they keep good. they were good. all the bands were. >> amazing seeing people in their 20's still licking band, guys who ar
become an iggy pop or keith richards. >> or the big bop? >> a certain amount of drugs turns your blood into embalming fluid, and you shall live forever. >> this is not a message we want people at home to hear. >> kids, it has to be the right combination. >> again, not the message we want our people to hear. you know what it is? creativity excuses bad behavior. so somebody could be like i'm out. i just wrote a great song so i will score some heroin and nobody stops it. creativity does not excuse bad behavior at all. in fact it demands better behavior so the creativity can flourish. >> okay. >> the more you know. >> words to grow on. >> gi joe could have said it better. >> greg, you just turned into my dad. what happened there? >> i forgot to ask you a question. >> my answer to that would have been amazing. >> then answer me. >> i am not giving it to you. screw you. >> the people excuse the creative people because we want creative people around. it is nice when you have something inspiring in the world and something out of the box and different. i love creative people. >> thank you for t
'm looking at two musicians on the wall. you have keith richards and johnny cash. >> and jay z. >> okay, wait a second. all three of these guys are kind of bad ass in their respective worlds. are these your alter egos, willie geist on the wall? >> pop psychology, i like it. no, i'm so not a bad ass. >> oh, come on. how about a wanna-be? >> maybe, yeah. see, five years ago, i had a child, and i got on a show that started at 5:30 in the morning. >> you have no time -- >> so any bad boyness was sort of sucked out of me. >> how about the lucy and george thing, do they -- do they kind of like yo, dad, can we play, climbing all over you? come on, they're little. >> they are. the good thing about my job, i've always said this, is working so early in the morning, i get home in the afternoon, and i still do get home in the late afternoon, and i can see them for dinner, so i mean there are times, yes, when i'm on my laptop, in my room trying to get something done and my 3-year-old george will just come in with like a flying knee drop, and just get you right under the chin. then he puts the bubble guppi
? >> exactly. keith richards has not changed in 50 years. he looked that old that mean years ago. >> it's 50 years and counting. >> it's like frank sinatra's farewell tour. >> it's only farewell for now. i love it. chuck leavell nice to have you with us. we appreciate it. >>> still ahead the era of western dominance could be coming to an end, a report that says china will soon top the united states. it's coming up next. gent. gent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be d
reporter richard engel talks about being held captive for five days in syria. hear how he and his crew were kept this constant fear for their lives. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. >> a true story of relief after our colleague was captured in syria. >> richard engel and his crew are safe arrest enduring psychological torture for five days in that war-torn country. angie joins us with more on this harrowing story. >> reporter: good morning. the face of nbc news known for covering some of the world's most dangerous stories found himself in the headlines after disappearing with his crew in syria. >> i'm very happy that we're able to do this shot this morning. >> we're in good health, we're okay. >> reporter: on the "today" show after a terrifying five days of being captive. earlier this morning we got our first glimpse and he talked about the traumatic experience. >> we were with some gunmen, rebels who were escorting us. theyxecuted one of them on the spot and they kept us blindfolded, bound. we were not physically beaten or tortured. it was a lot of psychological torture. thr
to understand this is government at the expense of the people not for the people. david: even my friend richard fisher who is in dallas texas by the way not even washington but i think he has it wrong. i see inflation saul over the place. -- i see inflation all over the place. keith, good to see you. >> happy holidays. david: the hits keep on coming for research in motion. it is betting big on its new blackberry software, if it flops, so does the company. and that story is next. >> it's all about the content apps and mobile. that's what the big play is. if you're not into content apps and mobile space, you are not going to make it. why i say that, it's about e-commerce and it's about advertising. david: in our last hour, on the heavy competition between apple google facebook and amazon. remember to tune in every weekday morning at 9:20 sharp. that's when varney & company begins. let's take a look at the markets. we are off, way off where we were. it looked like we had a -- kind of a strong positive start to this market. the futures were up double digits 30, 40 points. it went up to 35. now it's
. staff sergeant brian keith mowry, united states army halifax, staff sergeant kenneth roland sreupb deson, united states army erie. senior airman brian richard bell, united states air force erie. captain michael ian brayden, united states army, lock haven. private first class cameron james stanbaugh, united states army spring grove. finally, staff sergeant brandon robert pepper, united states army, york, pennsylvania. mr. president, as i conclude that list of pennsylvania's killed in action over just about a two-year time period in afghanistan, and one of the names read was killed in iraq, we remember them. we think of them. and i wish we were paying tribute to them on a night like tonight, but at the same time we're also thinking of their families as we pay tribute to them. i'm reminded of the great recording artist bruce springsteen. one of his songs is entitled "you're missing." one of the lines in that song goes something like this, the refrain over and over again is "you're missing." he says in the song -- or i should say he's able to sing and i won't -- "you're missing when i shut o
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)